A reminder why traditions and communities matter

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When I was younger, I used to attend lots of ‘family events’ that were run by local communities. You know the sort – car boot sales, school fetes and fairs, charity fundraisers.

But as you get older and become independent, I think you can often lose sight of those types of things. After all, they can be geared towards children and families and, as I am yet to go down that road, I’d have no reason to attend.

However last weekend I decided to go along and support a cause I feel really strongly about. And I was really proud that so many others gave up their Saturday morning to do the same.

A new initiative has been launched called Green Hampshire. It’s non-commercial and aims to get communities actively involved in cleaning up their local area.

People upload details of their events to a website, which hopefully promotes them to the masses and attracts lots of support.

Green Hampshire backed an event in Southampton at the weekend (don’t judge me for going to the ‘dark side’, as it was for a very good cause!).

Millers Pond in Sholing Valley was once a dumping ground that was considered an eyesore.

At one point the site was going to be used for new homes.

But local people and organisations got involved to protect it and on Saturday they held an official celebration to commemorate it becoming a nature reserve.

Once the ceremonial cutting of the ribbon had been done, everyone enjoyed a day in the sun filled with the sort of fun family activities I remember enjoying as a child.

There were bouncy castles, pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, skittles and, of course, a good old barbecue.

All of this took place in the grounds of the Sholing Study Centre. It was a really nice day out, one that cost hardly anything and reminded me of what it means to be British.

With the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee coming up, the Green Hampshire event underlined that past traditions and communities pulling together are so important.

So get involved people! Post your ‘green’ event online at greenhampshire.co.uk.