A serious chat in a kid’s chair

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I recently had the opportunity to visit my daughter Caitlin’s infant school and sit down with her teacher to discuss her development.

Approaching the door into her classroom, I felt a certain amount of vulnerability as I was about to hear how my child was getting on.

Is she mixing well with the other children? Is she well-behaved?

Does she join in with class discussions?

I needn’t have worried. The feedback from Caitlin’s teacher was all good and she had settled in really well.

But something did make me feel a little uncomfortable and that was the chair I had to sit on while discussing my first-born.

They are designed for four to five- year-olds and not a man more than six foot tall.

Trying to hold a serious conversation with my knees level with my head wasn’t the easiest.

Most embarrassing was the groan that came out of my mouth when I attempted to stand up and I’m sure I picked up an injury in the process.