A swanky VIP launch and getting stuck in a strike

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I’ve been to lots of media events and showbiz parties over the years. They’re generally all fun – free champers, a few canapés and the odd celebrity who graces us with their presence.

There’s one big problem though. Such events are always either in London or overseas.

Until last weekend, that is, when I went to my first exclusive VIP event in Portsmouth.

Yes people, there’s now a venue that is swanky, stunning and absolutely the place to be or be seen.

I was invited to the launch party of Riva at Number 6 – a new boutique that specialises in permanent fat loss (yes please) and is somewhere people can meet up, relax and indulge in beauty or clinical treatments.

Now I’m getting older (although someone asked me the other day if I’ve just graduated from university), I’m becoming increasingly interested in treatments that are going to spruce up my look.

Riva is on Clarendon Road in Southsea (opposite Knight & Lee) and they invited me to pop along.

Usually I wouldn’t be that fussed, except for the fact that a) it was in Portsmouth, b) I was intrigued and c) they offered Moet champers and cupcakes. Why on earth would I say no?

I do wish them all the best. Although I can’t promise you that you’ll see any celebrities, you may bump into me as I’ll undoubtedly be a regular.

On another note, I’ve just got a gig working for ITN in London for the next seven weeks.

It’s a producing job, working on a new showbiz documentary which is very exciting.

As you know I’ve been up and down to London for several years, but never every day. This was my first week of seven commuting and guess what? There’s a blooming Tube strike.

Well of course, I’d expect nothing less! It was absolutely horrific and I wanted to throw a massive paddy in the middle of Waterloo station and shout ‘are you kidding me?’

Don’t worry, I resisted, although I was screaming inside. So typical and just my luck.