A swim with stingrays was an incredible experience

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Last week I wrote my column from the docks at Turks and Caicos having just returned from a luxury yacht trip around the Caribbean.

Now I’m writing in my tiny spare room in Portsmouth that acts as my office when I’m not working in-house for a company. How the tides change!

It’s quite funny really, because this latest filming trip pretty much sums up what my life is like; it’s feast or famine all the time. But hey ho, about 20 people have told me since I got back that I have no right to complain, so I won’t!

After Turks and Caicos, I flew to the Cayman Islands via Miami (worst airport in the world, seriously…and I’ve seen my fair share of bad ones).

The Caymans are stunning and I wish we’d spent more than two nights there.

It’s funny because I never really expected the Caribbean to be full of money, but on some of the islands it really is.

It’s not like me to be scared, but once I got over the initial shock I put on my snorkel and swam happily amongst them

It wasn’t like that in Jamaica or Antigua on my last trip to the Carribean, although there was some money in the Bahamas.

But Turks and Caicos was like a rich boys and girls’ playground – designer boutiques, fast cars and luxury pads galore.

Although we were only there a couple of days we crammed a lot in, including going to a turtle conservation and visiting Hell (yep, I can officially say I’ve been to Hell and back as there’s a town called Hell and we sent a postcard from it)

On the last day before we headed to the airport, we were taken out to Stingray City which is a part of the ocean where there are hundreds of wild stingrays – and I mean hundreds.

I’ve swum with them before in the Bahamas, but this was different. There were so many of them and all I could think about was Steve Irwin, the Australian crocodile hunter who died after being stung through the heart by one.

At one point I literally jumped on a guy’s back. It’s not like me to be scared, but once I got over the initial shock I put on my snorkel and swam happily amongst them; an incredible experience.

As I look back, I feel very privileged. It was hard work and I did miss home, but now I can add two new pins to my map of places visited!