A Twitter craze I won’t follow

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I’m one of 200 million people who use the social networking and micro-blogging service called Twitter.

Under the name @warrenhayden, in no more than 140 characters I tweet about my life, reply to my followers and friends and retweet things I think will interest people who follow me.

If you don’t know about Twitter or what its purpose is, none of this will make sense to you. But in short it is just like sending a text message but for the whole world to see.

But Twitter has grown into more than that, with breaking news stories normally found on your Twitter feed before any other form of media.

But there is a new Twitter craze, which is mothers and fathers setting up Twitter accounts in their children’s name, and tweeting as their child.

So for example, if I was tweeting on behalf of my two-year-old daughter Alyssa, I might write: ‘I just dropped Daddy’s phone, he doesn’t look happy’.

I definitely won’t be tweeting as my children. #notenoughtimeintheday