A work of art and chocolates please

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As it does every year, Father’s Day falls on the third Sunday in June.

So on June 21, we will celebrate fathers and fatherhood.

If you’re on Facebook on the day, your timeline will be full of people wishing their dad a happy Father’s Day, even though a lot of dads aren’t even on Facebook and may not know how to use it if they were.

So instead, why not tweet me
@warrenhayden and I’ll give your dad a mention on my radio show on Heart?

My partner Serena asked me what I’d like to receive from my two daughters, which got my mind flowing with ideas of what I could request.

I’ve realised that when it comes to my daughters my ideal gift would be something they’ve made themselves.

I’m one of those sentimental parents who feels very proud when my daughters produce a painting they’ve done, even though none of us knows quite what we are looking at.

So that is what I will request.

Oh, and maybe some treats for their chocoholic father would be nice too.

Hint, hint.