Absolutely no excuse for leaving waste in the road

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We’ve talked before about the scourge of the fly-tipper – those people who dump their rubbish where they please with absolutely no thought for the consequences of their actions.

In lay-bys on busy roads or on verges down country lanes, they are indiscriminate in their disregard for others as they create eyesores with piles of waste.

Too lazy to dispose of rubbish properly, they bespoil the landscape with their detritus.

But today we report on an incident of fly-tipping where somebody went even further and actually blocked a road.

That’s right, they drove to the junction of Nine Elms Lane and Whitedell Lane in Fareham and left behind a huge mound of piping and what looks like broken corrugated asbestos sheets.

It was so bad that cars could not get past down this narrow road, meaning some residents were forced to stay off work and their children couldn’t go to school. Eventually, they only got out by asking a farmer to open a gate.

Did the fly-tippers stop to think of the problems they may be causing? We doubt it. These kind of people don’t give a damn.

Apart from the huge inconvenience, what would happen if there was an emergency and a fire engine or ambulance couldn’t get to the houses down this road?

Fareham Borough Council has been told about the pile of waste and we trust it will clear it away as quickly as possible. If it does contain asbestos, obviously it will have to be done with great care.

But that shouldn’t be the end of the matter. If anybody has any information about who could be responsible for this shocking example of fly-tipping, we urge them to get in touch with the environmental services department at the council.

As director of environmental services Paul Doran says, there are plenty of facilities provided for people to dispose of waste. There is no excuse for dumping it in the middle of a road.

We can only hope the person responsible can be tracked down and prosecuted as an example to others.