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How low can you get? It doesn’t get much worse than stealing from a charity.

We report today how a donation bottle containing £40 was stolen from by the till at a craft shop run by the Beneficial Foundation in Portsmouth.

It’s an organisation that does a lot of valuable work helping young people with learning difficulties to train for employment.

But, as with all charities, times are tough and every penny counts. Cash collected in the large plastic Coke bottle is used to buy items for the students from the charity’s wish list. In this case, it was earmarked to go towards the cost of a DVD player and screen to showcase the charity’s work.

But now the charity will have to start all over again because of a thief with absolutely no conscience.

It was an opportunistic crime. The shop was busy and the man running it at the time has mild learning disabilities. As Beneficial Foundation chief executive Jennie Brent says: ‘Someone obviously saw the opportunity to take the bottle and took advantage of it.’

She says the students can’t believe that someone would take away money that was meant for them. It has really hit them hard. And what of those people who kindly gave their hard-earned cash? How must they feel?

We hope the person who took the bottle reads this and realises what an impact their actions have had. And we also urge anybody who knows anything about the theft to contact the charity or the police.

Depressing though this incident may be, we would do well to remember there are plenty of people out there who are the complete opposite of the low-life who took the money.

Also in The News today, we carry a letter from Kate Thomas saying how grateful she is to the person who handed in her purse to a customer service desk at Asda.

When Kate got it back her money, credit cards and house keys were all still in there.

She says: ‘I ask that we try to do good as this person did, as you never know when you may need the good done to you.’

It’s a nice sentiment and one we should all try to live up to.