Adapting to future challenges needs vision

It’s important the parade continues – but safely

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One needs a practical vision for a city if it is going to adapt to future challenges. And planning for it needs to begin early. So shaping tomorrow’s Portsmouth needs to start today!

Things such as exciting new shopping and improving the enjoyment of the waterfront.

The council has drawn up so-called ‘masterplans’ for the city centre and the seafront, outlining how this and more could be achieved.

And it has been particularly heartening that it has the largest-ever response to a consultation as a result of asking the public for their views and suggestions.

So now the council will be refining these plans in light of the many interesting ideas, suggestions and views that it has received.

Having these outline plans has meant that the council has already won government money for transport and infrastructure projects in the city as it knows we have a coherent vision.

Most of the money for developments will come from the private sector, but it gives companies confidence that there is a strategy in place.

I, of course, hope that I will live to see these plans come to fruition. Although my recent heart problems have left me wondering a bit!

It is good, though, to be getting back into the swing of work again even if my summer break this year was spent more in hospital and convalescing than I would have liked.

Many thanks to our wonderful dedicated doctors, nurses and other NHS staff and to everyone for all their good wishes.

Part of my rehabilitation following my operation is to do more walking. And as I get out and about I’m rediscovering what a wonderful city this is.