After 80 hours, I've finally escaped from Prison Break

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What a waste of a holiday. I'm relieved to say that I'm finally out of a loop of despair created by Prison Break.

Four seasons and around 80 hours later, I have the TV hangover from hell.

Over Christmas and new year I've been watching this series non-stop (bar a few hours for snoozing), taking the same approach as I do with a box of chocolates – best to get it all over with in one hit rather than having it dragging on and on. Surely it's better for you that way?

Unlike Lost, which had me lost and bored to tears within six episodes because of gaping holes in the plot, Prison Break had a start and an ultimate goal, into which each episode was woven.

It's an excellent American series, much more hooking than 24 (where you can get away with watching the first and last episode in any adventure and not miss much in the middle).

But still, is it worth that many hours of my life? When I think of what I could have done instead...

Box sets have that habit of creeping up on you unexpectedly but it's rare I get that sucked in, even to the extent of pretending to be the main characters.

Yes, sad but true, I spent 10 minutes whiling my time away in the chip shop queue in a Lincoln Burrows surly manner, wondering if anyone would notice.

The answer was a big fat no, which obviously means I can't disguise myself very well. No good at being on the run then.

And then my Michael Scofield moment came with retrieving the TV remote from behind the radiator, using the tools at hand (a wire coathanger and a piece of bamboo) in an ingenious manner, all the time whispering to myself either 'I must tell you' or 'trust me'.

I would have referred to my tattoo (in the same way Michael did), but what was once a neat bumblebee on my bottom has spread to an alarming swarm.

I'm not sure what advice that he could have given me bar that there would be a sting in the tale.

Anyway, now I've performed the break from that self-inflicted TV prison, I'm ready to start on another.

Anyone got any good suggestions?