After all the water we’ve had, I say bring on the sunshine

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Don’t be startled by that glowing orb in the sky. According to memory, it’s what is commonly known as the sun.

Last weekend we took a warm spring-like walk along the seafront, emerging from the wettest winter in 250 years like a sodden caterpillar climbing out of his sopping cocoon.

Kicking through the stones and ship-wreckage on the promenade, children were giggling, everyone was beaming with a ‘it feels like we’ve been liberated’ smile.

In 2011 we endured the warmest spring on record, balmy March days on the beach, BBQs after work and the threat of a hosepipe ban before the season was out.

Now we’ve enough ground water to set Portsea Island afloat, I say bring on the sunshine!