After that long, even I was fed up of hearing my voice

Cheryl Gibbs with Gok Wan
Cheryl Gibbs with Gok Wan

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This past week has been crazily busy! I got a call asking me to go to London and narrate an hour-long DVD on the Royal Wedding, which was pretty incredible.

The DVD is being distributed through OK! magazine (out now) and aired on BBC America, W Network Canada, plus it’s available via iTunes (so if you want to hear me for a solid hour, you better act now. Any takers? No? Ok.)

Career-wise, it’s a pretty big step for me and I have to admit to feeling the pressure when I was in the studio sound booth. There I was at Shepherds Bush studios in London, looking like something the cat had dragged in. I was given 10 minutes’ notice to head straight to London, so it was clearly not my fault though.

I was handed a 16-page script and told to voice the lot!

I’m used to being on the radio and talking, but even I was fed up of hearing my voice after the three hours it took to record and edit.

My throat was sore and, as much as I enjoyed the wedding ceremony on the day, after that long I knew a rather unhealthy amount of wedding-day knowledge.

But wow, what an experience!

Then at the weekend I went to Birmingham for the Martial Arts Show Live, which was held at the NEC. As much as I love martial arts (I have a blue belt in karate you know) I went to present a video on the event for Unseen TV.

So we travelled up last Friday and checked in to the Hilton Metropole (I know, maybe I’m stepping up in the world, hey?) and was greeted by a rather unexpected offering.

‘Miss Gibbs, we’d like to give you access to our Executive Lounge’ said the nice lady behind the counter.

I think other half Matt was about to pipe up and tell her she’d got the wrong Miss Gibbs, but I kicked him before he had the chance.

Straight up to the lounge we went and Matt was like a kid in a sweet shop. Clearly not listening to my advice about acting like we belonged, he delved straight into the free nibbles and drink. Honestly, some people!

Still I got to meet Gok Wan at the event! How cool – he even told me I was Gokalicious, but I’m pretty sure he tells all the ladies that.