After they’ve trotted past a couple of times, what then?

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I’ve never really been sure what the attraction of heavy horses is, especially on a wet Sunday afternoon.

But at the weekend I went to Southsea seafront, with the family in reluctant tow, to find out.

Yes, the horses are big and they look great all bedecked in brasses and finery. But once they’ve trotted past a couple of times, what then?

It was a bit like the old bus show that takes place on Gosport’s seafront. Fascinating for those with that particular hobby, but less so for the rest of us once the initial thrill of seeing something out of the ordinary passes.

Still, at least it was free, the horsey people looked happy and the crowds were entertained in the drizzle.

Maybe next year the sun will shine and I’ll understand it a bit more.