After this, I’ll wait before I think about having kids

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Well, we survived – just. Last weekend Matt and I had our first ‘overnighter’ looking after a baby, totally dependent on us for approximately 17 hours (I counted).

We lived to tell the tale and we’re still talking and together. That’s pretty good, right?

As readers of last week’s column will know, we were looking after my eight-month-old niece and it was tiring, stressful, a lot of responsibility but equally incredible and amazing. I’m glad we did it.

We’ve now decided to wait another year before contemplating starting a family. Man, if only the government adopted this method, the number of teenage pregnancies would drop massively. I’d bet my mortgage on that.

I think what is most difficult to get your head around, even for just 17 hours, is the fact that you can’t just get up and do something – anything – without considering that other little being first.

That’s hard to swallow. Mums, dads, guardians and carers, I salute you.

Moving on to things that I can talk about without breaking out into a sweat, I’ve spent some time this week at studios in London where I’ve been editing a new programme.

It was a really fancy edit studio with runners and a whole production team there to cater to your every need.

Now in the business I’m in, you can very easily slip into the hierarchy system. But I’m not really like that. I think we’re all equal and, having been someone who has been ‘up there’ and down again, when you’re back up I think you tend to be a little more humble than others.

So instead of making the poor runners run around after me, I decided I’d help clear up the mess I’d made.

So I collected all of mine and the editor’s plates, cups and cutlery and took them to the kitchen. Other than looking besides themselves with worry that I had actually cleaned up, the runners looked even more concerned when I tripped and tea and coffee went all over me and the kitchen. So much for helping them out!

I proceeded to clean up this new mess, only to knock heads with someone, drop another plate and cause mayhem. I really should learn to stop being so ‘helpful’!