Agree or not, Brexit vote got us engaged in politics

Theresa May
Theresa May
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It’s been a tough few weeks if you’re a Brit.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve felt very unsettled since Brexit and was very disappointed by the sheer number of politicians who have upped and gone.

Only time will tell whether the decision to leave the EU will be the making or breaking of our great country

I admit to feeling rather sad listening to David Cameron’s final speech on Wednesday before he led his family out of Number 10 Downing Street.

But I’m equally excited for the future with our new female prime minister Theresa May.

I have a feeling she’s going to shake things up a little and perhaps that’s exactly what we need. A lot of new faces in cabinet is just the start.

What I think should be admired about the EU Referendum, regardless of the outcome, is how it’s got people engaged and talking about politics.

People who perhaps never got involved before or people who didn’t know enough to comment on politics have all of a sudden sat up and taken notice and listened.

It seemed that everyone had an opinion on Brexit.

It was the constant subject of debate in the office, down the pub or with neighbours.

In short, it got us all talking – sometimes in rather heated discussions.

But I loved the fact that politics was something that people of all ages chatted about. That doesn’t happen often.

Looking at some of the online comments on my column last week is testament to that.

Quite a few people took to to voice their opinions on what I wrote about this country in the aftermath of the Brexit vote.

Athough most of them didn’t agree with me, I love the fact it got people talking.

I don’t get offended – you can say what you like and I welcome it. The fact that people reacted can only be a good thing.

Nobody can be sure of what the future holds. Only time will tell whether the decision to leave the EU will be the making or breaking of our great country.

Now who has an opinion on who should be the next president of the United States?

That’s a whole new can of worms!


We had dogs all the while I was growing up and as a family we often had dogs from the same litter.

We’re animal-lovers, so I was genuinely upset this week to hear the news that the last dog in the family – Monty – had passed away.

The West Highland Terrier was my Auntie Sharon and Uncle Nigel’s dog and they’ve always treated him like a member of the family.

In fact he got better treatment than most human beings, having his very own sofa, being allowed to sleep where he wanted and getting the best food.

He had the best life and they looked after him like he was their child.

I’m so sad he’s gone to doggy heaven.

It really does feel like the end of an era.


It seems like such a long time ago now, but was anyone else disappointed by the Euro 2016 final?

Oh, so it was just me then. I thought it was nowhere near as good as I expected.

There we were, round my auntie’s house, all ready with, wine, beer and some chip butties and looking forward to an exciting match.

But it just, well, wasn’t. I don’t know much about football, but I thought France were by far the better side.

Although Portugal did steal the show towards the end, I genuinely thought France deserved to win.

Given that they were the home nation, I think that would have been a great ending.

Oh, and I would have won a whopping £10 in the work sweepstake!

Still, congrats to Portugal.