Ags is fed up with berks in Mercs

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My girliepal Agatha Flon Flon de Gusset was on the warpath last week.

Ags wanted to know if Mercedes drivers have a different Highway Code to the rest of us. Or are they just too posh to indicate?

It appears she’d had a week of being ‘cut up’ by, yep, Mercedes drivers.

Well, there’s going to be something to distract Merc motorists now because the company is fitting mbrace2 to its new cars.

This will apparently allow drivers to update their Facebook page whilst on the move.


Recently a motorist was caught on camera driving his car with his knees while he texted.

And I’ve seen a woman driver on Fratton Bridge reading a map and talking on a mobile while driving.

More handsfree driving than handsfree phoning, eh?