Alan Knight has our best wishes for the future

It’s important the parade continues – but safely

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News that Pompey legend Alan Knight has been declared bankrupted will be read with sadness by Pompey fans who recall his record-breaking service in goal for the club.

And the predicament in which he finds himself gives lie to the notion that footballers retire with more money than they know how to spend, able to live out their post-playing lives in the lap of luxury.

Of course, for most of his 20-plus years with his only club, Knight earned more than most of those who watched from the terraces and cheered the stupendously instinctive saves that became his trademark.

But, as he recalls today, he never came close to cashing in on his full worth during his decades of loyal service at Fratton Park.

Knight has clearly found the going tough after hanging up his boots and he is honest enough to admit that some of this is because of mistakes he has made.

He recognises his battle to overcome a drink problem, which is now thankfully behind him, and the financial snags which he was unable to prevent from escalating to the present level.

It doesn’t make pretty reading, yet let those among us who are without sin cast the first stone.

The fact is that Alan Knight has embarked on the process of rebuilding his life, and that takes as much if not more bravery as throwing yourself without fear of injury at the feet of an on-rushing forward.

It is a task that will take him some time. The effect of the bankruptcy order is that his remaining assets will now be valued by a receiver to reclaim some of the money he owes.

That is likely to take more than a year and will leave him with no credit rating.

But he has taken an important step by deciding to speak publicly about what has happened to him. He knows that the court judgment would soon anyway become public knowledge and has decided to tell people, warts and all, what led up to it.

For that, he deserves respect. We know that thousands of Pompey fans will join us in wishing all the best to a true hero in the history of Portsmouth Football Club.