All fans can do now is sit and hope

Jason Pearce has been the subject of two failed bids from Ipswich Town
Jason Pearce has been the subject of two failed bids from Ipswich Town
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Pompey is the nightmare that never ends, isn’t it?

It’s as if there is some unwritten law which dictates that every morsel of news coming out of Fratton Park will be bad.

No new owner, a heartbreaking defeat at Cardiff, tax debts, a winding-up order, injuries, an unlucky loss in the FA Youth Cup, and the club on the rocks again.

At least Pompey escaped the clutches of supposed interested buyer Joseph Cala, with his penchant for underwater hotels.

We live in hope that somebody sensible with the club’s best interests at heart can be conjured up to save Pompey from who knows what? But in the absence of any such deal, even administrator Andrew Andronikou admits the situation is now ‘very serious’.

Without a new buyer, Pompey will have to sell and the vultures are already gathering.

The club will probably be forced to lose the higher-wage earners – presumably players like Hayden Mullins, Liam Lawrence and Dave Kitson in the next few days.

Ipswich are keen on the solid Jason Pearce and youngster Joel Ward to prop up their pathetic defence.

And the flurry of goals from Hungarian striker Marko Futacs could easily tempt rivals to take a cheap punt on him.

But with the thinnest squad in the division already, Pompey can not really afford to sell anyone.

New manager Michael Appleton must feel as if he walked into a hurricane.

A shame because he looks as if he might do well given half a chance.

Meanwhile, the rest of the football world looks on, shakes its head and believes that Portsmouth Football Club really is a ‘basket case’.

The ever-revolving door of ownership has been a total farce.

You would not want Pompey selecting your daughter’s husband-to-be, would you?

The wonderful supporters in a proper football city like this deserve so much more.

Pompey is part of the fabric of the city and belongs to the people of Portsmouth, regardless of who happens to occupy the boardroom.

In a perfect world, the club would be tightly run; a community venture run by its fans.

If the latest crisis can be survived, that must surely be the way forward.