All the TV types wore black, so I was like Santa’s helper

Eve Myles stars in the new BBC series Keeping Faith'  Picture: BBC Wales

SEAN BLACKMAN: Keeping the faith

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I’ve been in London again this week. It goes like that in the TV business – one minute it’s crazily busy and I’m in the big city all the time along with the other commuters.

Then the next it goes quiet and I spend the majority of my days in my home office in Portsmouth staring at next door’s brick wall.

I really do lead a life of two halves, but I shouldn’t complain because at the moment it’s a really busy period and London seems to be my adopted home.

On Tuesday I attended a TV conference for Channel 4. It was about the kind of programmes they make, why they make them and what they’re looking for in the new year.

It was a fab event and I really enjoyed it – until I looked around the 200 people in the room and noticed that every single person was wearing black, except me.

I’d chosen a bright red dress that made me look like I was Santa’s helper, brought in to spread some festive cheer to the room.

Although I go to London a lot, I’m not in that ‘circle’ all the time and therefore don’t really conform to the London way.

It didn’t really bother me that much, until the dreaded lunchtime networking came along.

Everyone knew each other but I knew nobody, so I spent lunchtime eating canapés alone, pretending I was important.

Some lovely lady came up to me and said: ‘I thought I’d come over and say hi to the girl in the bright red dress.’

Oh well, it’s one way to stand out I guess.

But if that wasn’t bad enough, I bumped into a guy who I did actually know (wonders will never cease) who said to me: ‘Yeah, I thought it was you – I recognised you across the room because you were the first one to jump up when they said the lunch buffet was ready.’

Wow, that really did hurt! But in my defence (and I’m not going to say that I didn’t want to be first in line because there were 200 people there and I wasn’t about to let the veggie options run out) I actually jumped up because I’d been bursting for the toilet for an hour-and-a-half.

Ah, the glamour of my showbusiness life...