Almost sunk by an
angry, blowing whale

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You probably won’t be surprised to hear that my two daughters, who are aged three and five, don’t always see eye to eye.

Each night before bedtime we have bath time for them both.

And this is sometimes the place where the battles take place.

The most common complaint is: ‘Dad, she splashed me’.

In a tub full of water and bubbles I never thought this was a valid complaint. You’re bound to get splashed aren’t you?

Well, my opinion on this matter has recently changed after I went for a swim at the Mountbatten Leisure Centre.

There I was with my swimming shorts on doing a gracious breast stroke. Just imagine a swan, calm on the surface but working hard underneath the water. That was me.

But the person in the lane next to me was like an angry whale gushing air out of its blowhole.

I admit I was getting more than slightly irritated. So getting splashed in the bath is now a valid argument.