Always room for those tiny trunks

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We’re just getting the final bits together for our family holiday and I’m worried.

We’ve decided to take a spring holiday this year and can’t wait to escape the grip of this seemingly endless winter and feel the warm sun on our face and the sand beneath our toes.

But the amount of equipment required for a toddler and five-year-old is simply staggering and the airlines have reduced their baggage allowance, so you have to be either ultra-considerate when packing bags, or ultra-minted.

The lotions and potions bag fills one suitcase. Suntan lotion (three different types), after sun, Sudocrem, hair stuff, body stuff, mosquito stuff etc.

For years I’ve wondered why dads have upheld the tradition of looking rather unsightly on the beach and now I know the answer.

When space is an issue, a pair of Speedos can always get rammed into a little nook or cranny.

Is this the year that I take the plunge?