Am I being paranoid or is blank space something to worry about?

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Something that concerns me...

You know when you have to fill in a form and there’s a blank page which says ‘This Page Has Been Intentionally Left Blank’ at the top?

Not that I’m paranoid, but I want to know what they’re leaving it blank for.

Are they going to be writing down all sorts of stuff about us that they don’t want us to see once we send the form back?

Or are they just too scared to admit that they love wasting paper? Which is it? I’m just dying to know.

I sent an email the other day that bounced back to me and I thought nothing of it until I actually read the email closely.

It read: ‘I’m sorry to have to inform you that your message could not be delivered to one or more recipients.’

I thought about this computer-generated email and it struck me that it was probably the most civil email that I’ve ever received.

It’s so nice that a computer can start an email to me with ‘I’m sorry to have to inform you’.

It was a bit scary though – usually, if I get an email that begins like that, I start preparing to read that someone I know has died!

This is a conundrum my mate was faced with. What would you do? He ordered a meal from the Chinese and drove to the shop to collect it. But when he got it home, he discovered that they’d given him the wrong order.

Now if it was me, I’d have just phoned them and assumed that the person who got my order would do the same. But this is what my mate did and it’s really sad.

He checked each dish in the bag, worked out what they were, added up how much the order came to and because it was worth more than the order he’d paid for, decided to keep it.

So, was he right to do what he did? Or was he just being incredibly tight?