Am I the only woman who doesn’t ‘get’ Defoe’s appeal?

It’s important the parade continues – but safely

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It seems that former Pompey footballer Jermain Defoe has gone and bagged himself another girlfriend.

But I have to say I was surprised by his choice this time around – or maybe I should say I was surprised by her choice of boyfriend.

X Factor winner Alexandra Burke is Defoe’s latest lady, according to reports.

Seriously Alexandra, are you sure about this?

If the Spurs star is dating her, I just can’t help but think this one could well end in tears.

She just seems so together and ‘with it’. That’s why I have to admit to being rather shocked that she would have chosen Defoe as her new fella.

Obviously, Alexandra sees something in him.

But am I the only woman on the planet who just doesn’t ‘get’ his appeal?