An initiative that will bless the lives of so many

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SURELY nothing can stir the human soul in the way that music can. In all its forms it resonates through our lives, bringing comfort, joy and inspiration.

Those blessed with musical ability – and the resolve to practice their art – gain extra pleasure through playing, singing or composing.

Enthuse a youngster with a passion for music and you have given that child a joy for life.

So we welcome wholeheartedly the new Music Hub that has been established in Portsmouth to achieve that very aim.

As Sue Beckett, the head of the Portsmouth Music Service says, to be able to learn an instrument at any age is a real privilege.

She recognises the value of bringing organisations together and helping children to learn and perform music.

Portsmouth is a trailblazer in this initiative and will already be well placed when the Government reveals its National Music Plan.

Of course, much work has been done down the years to enthuse city children with a love of music and to help them to develop their talents.

The Music Hub is not an innovation so much as a enhancement of an already-solid base, utilising internet communication tools to help link individuals and organisations in a collective effort.

Partners including the Kings Theatre, Portsmouth Festival Choir, the Same Difference Pop Academy and Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra show the breadth of experience and knowledge – and practical help – that will be available.

We hear much nowadays of the threat to the arts posed by the nation’s current economic difficulties.

We’re pleased then that the Portsmouth Music Service, the main partner of the network, has organised funding.

We look forward to forthcoming events including a musical celebration of the sea in March 2012 and the free launch concert at Portsmouth Guildhall next Monday by world-renowned violinist Greg Scott.

This initiative is, we are sure, sweet, sweet music to the city’s ears.