An untidy room is literally a crime

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How tidy was your bedroom when you were a child?

Were you the sort of person who had a week-old cup of tea growing mould under your bed and were your freshly-ironed clothes dumped in a heap in the corner of the room?

Or was your room spotless with all cups taken straight to the kitchen 
sink after the last sip and all clean washing hung straight up in the wardrobe?

I think I was in the middle of those two options and I admit sometimes 
it would look like a tip.

I would, however, go into tidy-up mode and do something about it before environmental health had a sniff of my hazardous bedroom.

The worrying thing is I fear my four-year old-daughter Caitlin may be taking after her daddy.

Late at night before I go to bed I’ll go into her room as quietly as possible to check on her and quite often I’ll step on a squeaky toy whose noise 
fills every corner of our sleeping house.

I’ll stub my toe on the toy box left in the middle of the room instead of being tucked away in the corner, or I’ll trip over Dreamhouse Barbie and unfortunately decapitate her in the process.

But just like when I was young, it seems to be organised mess, as she appears to still know where everything is.

But for some parents this could soon be a thing of the past as a new law is being proposed and is in draft form that will mean children will be legally obliged to help out around the house and keep their bedroom spotlessly clean.

This crazy proposal doesn’t come from the UK, but from the Spanish parliament.

It’s not currently clear what will happen if a Spanish child fails to comply with the new law.

Can you imagine that phone call to the police?

‘Hello, I’d like to report a crime; my daughter has dropped her building blocks all over her bedroom floor and refuses to pick them up’.

And can you imagine the conversation with your child?

Instead of ‘tidy your room or no play time’ it will be ‘tidy your room or I’ll call the police’.

It’s ridiculous, the world has officially gone crazy.

It’s great to give your children responsibilities and should be encouraged, but it should not be law.

What’s next?

‘Eat your vegetables or I’ll call the police’.

There is a much easier way to keep your child’s bedroom tidy.

Any of their toys that aren’t tidied away are put in the dark and cold attic.

You don’t want to look in ours – it’s a Barbie graveyard.