And yet more phone woes

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Last Friday, as I was checking my paperwork, I noticed I hadn’t received my policy documents on my new car insurance with Age UK.

No problem, I’ll just phone them. Huh!

First female phone operative, after faffing around forever, told me I only had a quotation.

‘No’, I told her ‘I’ve got the car insurance policy paperwork in front of me.’

Got passed to a fella phone operative, who after more faffing around came up with the same answer, but would delve deeper.

After a 30-minute wait folks, I’m dusting off the divine double D dumplings, ready to rumble.

So I phoned the insurance company AGAIN and got third phone operative, a fella, who took my details, and Jemima Jolopy IS insured.

Age UK customer relations apologised – ‘computer glitch’. Arrggh

It’s being investigated.