Anger shown reveals why new rules are needed now

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While it’s fair to say that two wrongs don’t make a right, we’re sure there will be many who have a great deal of sympathy with Julia Hazel today.

Frustrated and angered by a car clamping firm’s treatment of her son, she certainly took matters into her own hands when she dumped a bucket of slop inside a clamper’s vehicle.

We don’t support law-breaking, but this mum clearly thought what had happened was so wrong that she saw red and that’s undoubtedly a position others will understand.

Of course she must be relieved that the police have now informed her that no further action will be taken. Plenty of others will agree that’s the right thing to do in this case.

She’s already paid the £60 she was told to pay to City Watch Enforcement in compensation – but the point she was seeking to make still stands.

This lady’s protest just goes to show the level of outrage felt by those pitted against this particular clamping firm operating in a car park in Cosham.

We’ve never set out to claim that all clamping is fundamentally wrong. Businesses and individuals are entitled to take action against those who park their vehicles on private land – but it’s crucial that the penalty fits the infringement.

Charging motorists exorbitant release fees is nothing short of a rip-off and grossly unfair.

It’s a licence to print money and City Watch Enforcement has upset many with its tactics, so we’re not surprised that someone has finally seen fit to get their own back.

Portsmouth North MP Penny Mordaunt clearly has sympathy for those who have fallen foul of the clampers.

On Thursday she asked if more could be done to protect penalised motorists before a clamping ban comes into force next year.

But surely it would make more sense to push for an earlier introduction of these regulations instead?

Many will feel that we have already waited long enough for the new guidelines to come in.

Why must we wait until 2012, when the issue clearly causes so much frustration and upset?