Anti-bullying scheme is a worthy cause to win cash

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It takes a strong person to not only come through bullying, but to also make something positive out of the experience.

But Chloe Hine, at only 15, has done just that. And then some.

After enduring two years of bullying, the teenager came up with the idea for Beat The Bullies, a charity to help others who are still suffering.

And in a relatively short space of time, the charity has made some great leaps forward.

As a result we are pleased to bring you the news today that they are the recipients of a £10,000 cheque from The Car Finance Company as part of a News-backed scheme.

The aspiring singer had already attracted the attention and backing of mobile phone giants O2, and while the charity is currently operating for people in the Havant and Portsmouth area, she wants it to become nationwide.

This £10,000 boost will enable Beat The Bullies to start realising that goal as they can improve their facilities and launch a new website.

Chloe is being supported by her family in all of this – her mum Emma is the charity’s chief executive – but the way she has overcome the treatment she received is inspirational.

The old expression about ‘sticks and stones...’ has obviously never been used by anyone on the receiving end of verbal bullying, or its modern counterpart, cyberbullying.

The potentially long-lasting impact can be devastating for the victim, and it is no exaggeration to say lives can be ruined.

But Chloe is proof that you can turn things around. And she is also already the winner of two News Youth Awards – Music Star and Entrepreneur of the Year, at last July’s ceremony.

We look forward to telling you about the scheme’s other worthy charity winners tomorrow.