Are royals setting new trend of getting back with exes?

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I was sad to read that Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas were separating.

I’ve had a soft spot for CZJ for a long time as she’s intelligent, beautiful and, of course, British.

There’s something about her, a happy energy and determination.

I was quite surprised that she ended up with Michael Douglas, being as she is roughly my age, and he is the same age as my dad.

But nevertheless, they’ve been together a long time and it felt like the real thing judging by what we saw and read. Plus, sap that I am, I think that us Brits do the real thing.

Sham celebrity marriages, for publicity’s sake, seem like a Hollywood game.

After all, us mortals live with love as a pressurised concept.

We’re bombarded by the quest to find love from an early age via books, movies, music, friends and family.

So imagine what it must be like if you’ve got your movie publicist egging you on as well.

They’ve stuck it out through very public illnesses, on both sides, through children, through career ups and downs.

And you have to hand it to them. Considering his initial chat-up line was apparently ‘I want to father your children’, it’s quite amazing that they ever got together in the first place.

But now it’s ending, seemingly after he called time (probably the most surprising factor in the whole scenario).

At the same time, another high-profile couple, the Duke of York and his ex-wife Fergie, are apparently quietly patching up their differences and getting back together.

Neither of them have been able to find someone else for a long-term relationship.

As the years go by I guess that, if the rumours are true, they’re realising it’s good to have someone to chat to in the evenings, share a slice of cake with and argue about who does the dishes.

Theirs has been a long separation, but good for them if they can make it work a second time.

Perhaps the royals are actually setting a new trend.

Charles has already returned to his first love, Camilla, and now Andrew is seemingly getting back with his.