Are we getting overloaded with appeals for money?

BRILLIANT Fake That, who performed during Comic Relief
BRILLIANT Fake That, who performed during Comic Relief
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How did you find Comic Relief this year? It’s certainly an emotional rollercoaster. But then it has to be to get us to part with our money.

It’s also interesting how, in these tough economic times, we managed to give record amounts of money this year. In fact, we gave more to Comic Relief than Children In Need.

But are we becoming overloaded with appeals for our money? I’m regularly accosted by people with clipboards on Gosport High Street.

I find this very uncomfortable. Saying ‘no’ as politely as I can puts me in an awkward position. It’s the same when they knock on your door.

Because of this, I now give money to UNICEF and a dog charity. I simply find it difficult to say no.

I’d like to see a stop to this door-to-door and on-the-street selling. I’m all for the government idea of asking for money to be ‘rounded up’ for charity when paying for shopping.

This already happens in places like Pets At Home, where my bill was rounded up to the nearest pound.

And Comic Relief? I reckon it’s time for a radical rethink.

Yes, Smithy was back on form, Fake That was brilliant and Peter Kaye and Susan Boyle covering I Know Him So Well was another masterstroke from the Bolton comedian.

But the studio links were simply awful. They managed to put together some of the nation’s most annoying presenters in one place.

To avoid them, I found myself flicking over just to watch the adverts on ITV! Ferne Cotton, Claudia Winkleman, ‘This is Davina’ McCall and Dermot O’Dreary drove me mad.

There’s only so much shouting and false heartfelt pleas for my money I can take.

But the message of African poverty is still so powerful. Yes we gave our money, but after wiping out Third World debt and continuing to give millions, how long before we start to say enough is enough?

I’m sure we’ll continue to give, but we also want to see the leaders of these countries’ corrupt governments helping their own people for a change instead of just themselves.