Are you a wobbling, waffling mess or a supreme speaker?

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Well folks, does it make you go weak at the knees, palms sweaty and your throat dry?

No, I’m not talking about asking someone for a date or asking the bank manager for a loan.

I’m on about public speaking.

Giving a presentation at work, or saying a few words at a wedding, fills most people with dread.

All eyes are on YOU.

Is your speech witty, interesting, inspirational, or do you stand and shake in your boots and waffle?

I trained in public speaking in the 80s, and have done numerous after-dinner talks. But prior to that I was a stiletto shaker and mega waffler.

I believe any training in confidence of speech is invaluable. So I was thrilled to be invited to the Spinnaker Speakers’ fortnightly meeting at Lysses House Hotel in Fareham last Tuesday.

Really friendly people and interesting speakers. Find out more about them at

I was telling my pal Christopher Marlowe (who was recently on Channel 4’s Come Dine With Me and will be panto dame in this year’s Kings Theatre pantomime Sleeping Beauty) how much I had enjoyed the evening.

I’d forgotten Christopher also does private tuition in Southsea for people who want to improve their voices. Go to

And finally...

You’ve probably all heard fashionistas simper with delight when exposed to the latest catwalk fashions with ‘ooh that’s so bang on trend darlings’.

Well folks, I’m going ‘boho chic’ this summer, which is sooo bang OFF trend darlings, as it was popular about three summers ago.

Like I care. I loved lacy and crochet fashions in the 60s, and I’m so pleased they’re back in the shops again.

There’s quite a lot of pretty fashions in our stores, so why is there such a plethora of Pompey babes of all ages in leggings and baggy tops?

Sooo unflattering, especially for the fuller-figured female. They look like toffee apples.

I wish women would wear styles that suit them and not be such a slave to fashion.

As Coco Chanel said: ‘Fashion fades, only style remains’.