Are you smart? Sadly, I’m not

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You might have seen the TV quiz show Are You Smarter Than A 10-Year-Old?

It’s where adults who have years’ of general knowledge to draw on are pitted against a 10-year-old child, fresh from their school lessons, to answer questions for a cash prize.

At almost 28-year’s-old, I like to think that if I was a contestant on a show like this it wouldn’t be too much of an embarrassing experience for me.

Hopefully all that information I learnt at school and ever since has been stored somewhere in my brain, ready to be used when needed.

That’s what I like to think anyway.

This week I was looking through some books with Caitlin and telling her the names of some of the wild animals.

I pointed to one grey animal and told her confidently that it was a rhino.

She responded sternly: ‘No Daddy, it’s a hippopotamus.’

I had to admit defeat, she was right and I was wrong.

So in our house this week It Was Are You Smarter Than A Two-Year-Old?

On the subject of large, grey-ish wild mammals, the answer was no.