As the ‘ugly’ one I got the best blokes

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Well folks, do you suffer from intrasexual rivalry ?

Nope, nothing to do with how you sizzle between the sheets darlings.

A team of Spanish, Dutch and Argentine researchers have concluded that workers of the same sex, especially women, are jealous of a co-worker if he/she is attractive and popular.

Huh, never would have worked that one out on our own eh?

Ladies, admit it. Who hasn’t bitched about a female co-worker who’s used her pretty face to get round the boss?

In my day (1960s), when going out on ‘the pull’ on a Saturday night, I was advised to take an ‘ugly’ girliepal.

But I chose mates who were gorgeous. Fellas might fancy fabulous Brit babes, but be too intimidated to ask them out.

So, as the ‘ugly’` bird I got the best bloke.

Sneaky, eh?