Ashdown deserves high praise but clean sheets are team effort

Jamie Ashdown helps deny Sheffield United
Jamie Ashdown helps deny Sheffield United

It’s important the parade continues – but safely

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What great news for Jamie Ashdown after he equalled the club’s clean sheet record.

Jamie has hit the post-war record for successive league shutouts against Sheffield United.

Jamie has had a bit of criticism at times from some people who never seem to be happy.

David James is a hard act to follow, but Jamie’s been excellent all season.

He’s been consistent and has been helped by a solid back four of late.

It’s no coincidence that this run has come about with Hermann Hreidarsson back in the team and after Ritchie De Laet’s arrival on loan.

And then there is Greg Halford’s partnership with Ricardo Rocha, which has been outstanding.

They deserve a lot of credit, as do the rest of the team.

You don’t keep all these clean sheets without a team effort.

That’s what is needed.

Sheffield United dominated the second half on Saturday.

But despite the fact they had good possession they didn’t cut out loads of chances.

They should have put themselves in a situation where they did better.

Stephen Quinn had a good chance which he should have perhaps down better with and shown a little more composure.

We led a charmed life in the first half at Ipswich and this was another example of the team digging in.

We had the extra man in midfield and utilised that really well.

I thought we passed the ball really well in the first-half and had a good dynamic – especially going forward.

Hermann was in the right place at the right time to get the goal.

A year ago people thought his career was over.

And a lot of people of his age would have thrown the towel in.

Hermann has had a great career and could have easily done that, but he has shown determination and hung in there.

I think that he is now getting the rewards for his fighting spirit.

It’s been a long struggle for him, but he is enjoying his football at the moment – as all of our players seem to be.

I still think the play-offs is a tough task.

Do we want to get there? Of course we do.

We want to set goals and achieve them.

Hopefully there is a greater stability at the club now that can allow us to dream of making those strides.