At least I gave water-skiing a go - unlike my husband

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When I wrote last week’s column, I was at Dubai airport on the way to Mauritius for the second part of our honeymoon. And as I write these words, I’m back there, this time on our way home. Boo hoo!

What a marvellous trip we’ve had though. Despite a five-hour delay getting to the island, it was beautiful.

As far as I’m concerned, training bar or no training bar, I water-skiied

We stayed at the Heritage Awali, a luxury five-star hotel on the beach, and got upgraded to a seafront suite, which was welcome after arriving so late.

Goodness knows what they must have thought when Matt and I showed up, looking like a bag of washing – hair un-brushed, clothes crumpled and dirty.

Not quite in keeping with the hotel’s upmarket clientele but, hey ho, take us as you find us!

We went quad biking in the Frederica Nature Reserve and despite Matt’s reservations about me being clumsy and unable to drive the quad, I was rather impressed with myself (and so was he) for keeping us alive.

The problem is that I have a need for speed, while Matt likes to err on the side of caution.

I love the adrenalin rush of putting pedal to the metal.

Feeling particularly adventurous and wanting to take advantage of the hotel’s free water sports, I decided to go water skiing.

Matt didn’t fancy it, so he went in the boat and took pictures and videos of me as I attempted not to die while being pulled over rather large waves, trying to pretend to look like I knew what I was doing.

I was so proud of the fact that, after four attempts, I did manage to stand up and glide across the waves like a mermaid.

Well, not quite. I couldn’t actually use the proper water ski rope, so I had to ski the entire time on a training bar which sticks out of the back of the boat.

Still, as far as I’m concerned, training bar or no training bar, I water-skiied.

As a guy pointed out at the hotel upon learning of my accomplishment: ‘At least you gave it a go love, unlike your husband.’