At least I won’t embarrass myself in front of the boss

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Working as a radio DJ means I rarely get to wear a smart suit. Most mornings I stumble into work at 5am wearing jeans and a T-shirt.

But the office Christmas party is one of those few occasions when I get to dress to impress.

I have two suits in my wardrobe and every December I deploy my standard Christmas party look: black suit, white shirt with top button open and shiny black shoes.

Sometimes I wear a black tie if I’m going for the Michael Buble look.

Lou says it’s easier for blokes when it comes to deciding what to wear. Most women apparently spend weeks getting stressed as party season looms.

The only stress I suffer at the party is remembering I have to be awake at 4.50am. Every radio station I have worked for always seem to hold their party on a weeknight, which means I normally limit myself to a couple of alcoholic drinks.

Oh well at least I’ll never embarrass myself in front of the boss!

Lou: Blokes don’t know they’re born when it comes to Christmas party preparation. The girls in our office have been planning what they’re going to wear for weeks.

Deliberating over new dresses and whether you currently have the perfect shoes to go with that outfit, or if you need to go shopping again can be quite stressful.

So this year I’ve given up. I’m not going to buy a new dress, I’m not even going to look at shoe displays in the shops. I’m recycling. Or, as Kirstie Allsopp would say, upcycling.

I bought a black sparkly maxi dress last year, which I’m not going to wear very often because it’s a bit too ‘red carpet’ for most events.

So out came the scissors and the sewing machine and, after battling with the stretch stitch settings, I had myself a brand new knee-length party dress!

And what have I spent? Absolutely nothing. Christmas party sorted in under an hour! Now I just need to figure out what on earth I’m going to do with my hair.

Oh and my make-up. Okay, so maybe I’m not entirely sorted, but I’m nearly there!