At this rate I will be ripping them off and wearing a hat

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I’ve been literally tearing my hair out for the past month – and getting some pretty strange looks from folk in the street as I cycle around Southsea one-handed while I frantically scratch my head with the other one.

Now I know what a cat feels like when it has fleas!

What’s been causing my strange affliction, I hear you ask? Hair extensions.

What on earth possessed me to have them I really, really don’t know.

The itching is driving me crazy, never mind the three hours it takes me to dry hair like Goldilocks.

I have no idea how Rapunzel coped in her day. Back then there was no anti-tangle spray or Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner.

At this rate, I’ll be ripping off the extensions and wearring a woolly hat instead.