Avoid trolley rage and shop online

It’s important the parade continues – but safely

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Life can sometimes be very busy, especially with two young children when trying to fit everything into just 24 short hours just isn’t possible.

This is why, as a parent, I think the internet is the greatest invention there has ever been.

Before I became a parent the World Wide Web was used primarily or downloading songs I like, playing games to bust some boredom and watching funny videos on YouTube. Oh and of course, to spell check.

Come on, that’s what we all use search engines for, isn’t it?

But ever since I’ve been responsible for two little humans and my day got a bit more hectic, my use of the internet has changed.

It means I can do some jobs even more quickly and ones that might normally take a huge chunk out of my day are condensed into just a few minutes.

For example, before Caitlin and Alyssa became citizens of planet earth I’d simply jump in the car to go to the supermarket or pop to the bank to pay a bill.

But now my three-year-old daughter Alyssa can be eating her Weetabix at the breakfast table and my five-year-old daughter Caitlin can be playing with her Disney Princess dolls while I’m doing the weekly shop on the laptop.

To be honest, I used to enjoy going to the supermarket and filling up the trolley with all the essentials,.

But now with an increasingly hectic life it’s so much easier to do it all online and get it delivered at a time that is convenient to me.

My decision was backed up when I recently went shopping on a Friday afternoon.

I promised myself I’d never return to the supermarket in person again.

It was just so busy and instead of being in a supermarket it felt like I was on the dodgems at a funfair. So chaotic was it that I witnessed several moments of trolley rage.

I’ve also noticed that doing the shopping online is actually saving us money as we’re only buying what we need.

We aren’t tempted by all those clever tricks that all supermarkets use like end-of-aisle offers with big red signs promoting how amazing the price is.

And, of course, there is every parent’s worst nightmare, sweets and chocolates conveniently placed right next to the checkouts.

So the internet has saved my family not only time but also money.

In a world of TV on demand it also means I can watch my favourite TV shows when I do finally have some spare time on my hands.

But the main reason I use the laptop or tablet for watching television is because the main television set is being hogged by my daughters watching the Disney channel.