Awards are a chance to say thank you for top-class care

Picture: Ian Hargreaves

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You’ll always hear about the times when things go wrong in the NHS.

The interminable waits for treatment, the operations that don’t go to plan.

But that can paint an unfair picture. What about all those times when the way people are cared for is top-class?

We think all the hard work and dedication of staff deserves recognition.

That’s why we run the annual Best of Health Awards.

It gives us an opportunity to show the community’s appreciation of the care that is given to so many patients.

Fred Clark knows from personal experience what a difference that can make.

After suffering a stroke, he was admitted to Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham in May last year and ended up staying for about 13 weeks.

He can’t speak highly enough about the nurses who looked after him, calling them his ‘angels’.

We’re delighted that he has nominated Katherine Pink, Samantha Jordan and Laura Deer in the Hospital Nurse of the Year category of this year’s awards.

But we think there must be many more of you out there who have reason to be grateful to staff for going the extra mile.

Nominating your health hero is simple.

Just go to page 16 and fill in the form, or you can e-mail nominations to

We’d love to hear your inspiring stories and experiences of staff such as doctors, nurses, dentists, community workers or specialist teams.

You’ve got until July 5 and the big awards night takes place at Portsmouth Guildhall on October 25.

Wouldn’t it be great if the person or people who looked after you received an honour?

If course, they don’t go into their profession for glory.

They do it because they are caring, compassionate individuals who want to make a difference every day.

But this is our opportunity to say thank you – and to celebrate everything that is good about our NHS.