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Baboons jumped all over Heather's hubby's car
Baboons jumped all over Heather's hubby's car
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Happiness is what you do, not what you buy.

Recent research by psychologists concluded that a fun day out or an adventure experience will bring more happiness than the materialistic purchasing of clothes or trinkets.

Huh, what planet are that lot on? Tell it to the sisterhood, dear.

When a girlepal is stressed out with work, or dumped by her latest squeeze, she only wants to hear two words – retail therapy.

There’s nothing like buying a bit of bling or a fancy new top to bring a smile back to a gal’s face.

Fun days out, like theme parks, going up in a hot air balloon or go-karting etc, should make us happy.

But what if the weather is lousy, there are long queues of traffic or the kiddiwinks are constantly whingeing?

Not much happiness there.

I remember 20 odd years ago that hubby no 2, the Geordie Gent, had just purchased a new car, a Scimitar.

‘Just like Princess Anne’s’, he kept telling everyone.

He decided we’d have a day out in Windsor. Secretly, he was hoping we’d bump into Her Royal Highness and she’d high five him, saying: ‘Yo bro, snap, same car’.

So we did the shops, then it was off to Windsor Safari Park.

‘There are baboons loose in this park’, I told GG. He assured me that there were NO baboons in the park.

Typical man, can’t be told.

Once inside, within minutes three enormous baboons were banging on the bonnet of his pride and joy and pulling faces at us.

A distraught GG was tapping on the windscreen, shouting ‘get off!’

The baboons’ response was to about turn and wipe their big fat bright red bums all over the windscreen.

Then the biggest baboon eyeballed GG, bared his teeth and revealed the windscreen spray nozzle between his gnashers.

So the psychologists got it 50 per cent right. Happiness for GG? No. But happiness for me?

Oh yes. I laughed and laughed all the way back home to Pompey.