Baby Preston reminds us why it’s vital to say thanks

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Preston Wallis’s story truly is a heart-warming one – and we mean that in more ways than one.

When his family look back on what he’s been through already in his short life they must scarcely be able to believe so much has happened.

It really is a credit to the incredible skills of all those involved in his care that this remarkable little boy is still here.

What a joyous occasion it must have been for his mum, Sammy Leaves, and dad, Rich Wallis, when they were able to take him home and celebrate him being a month old.

By sharing Preston’s story today they aim to say just one thing – thanks.

It’s a small word really but it can mean so much and we don’t doubt that it is meant in the most sincere and heartfelt of ways in this case.

When Preston was born he was already facing a battle to survive.

His airways had become blocked and his brain had been starved of oxygen.

It was touch and go as to whether he would even survive.

But with the help of a truly amazing piece of kit, Preston is now a healthy, happy baby.

The cooling suit which ‘froze’ his tiny body, reducing his temperature to prevent further brain damage, sounds like something from a science laboratory rather than a hospital.

It is great that Queen Alexandra Hospital can call on modern methods such as this to save lives.

While Preston and his family were unlucky that they ever needed to know anything about the cooling suit, we should all count ourselves lucky that our hospital has this essential tool to hand, and that our medics are so skilled.

We wish the family and Preston well for the future and hope that he continues to flourish.

When he is older his parents and older brother, Harvey, will be able to tell him about his incredible story.

We join them in saying thanks to all those involved in ensuring that he survived.

Our dedicated NHS staff do a remarkable job in challenging circumstances. We should never forget that – or to say thanks.