Back the bid and help make us a capital of culture

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Today we’re calling on you, our readers, to back Portsmouth’s bid to become UK City of Culture 2017.

And we’re looking for action as well as sentiment.

To scoop the title – which is a joint bid with our near-neighbours Southampton – would be a massive boon for the city.

It could see millions of pounds extra pouring into the local economy as the city’s profile is raised even higher on the national and international stage. And let’s not be shy.

We’ve got plenty of things, culturally speaking, to shout about.

From thriving theatre, to the annual Portsmouth Festivities and numerous other events across the city.

Then there’s the kind of culture you might not immediately think of.

Celebrating our young people and making the most of our diverse and multi-cultural population.

So today’s the first step in your chance of getting involved.

Read all about it on pages 4, 8 and 9, and then fill in the survey.

Don’t be limited. As the man behind the bid Dom Kippin says ‘dream big’.

He says ‘if there is something you would like to see then you can have the power to make that happen’.

So be inspired. There really are no parameters.

At this stage it’s about getting the ideas out there.

So don’t just sit there saying to yourself ‘that sounds like a good idea for the city’.

Take five minutes and fill in the survey.

Or go along to the meeting next week and join the debate.

It might seem a long way off now, but 2017 really is just around the corner.

And if we could go into it as UK Capital of Culture it really would be something to be proud of.