Backstreet Boys join New Kids on The Block

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Which band recently said ‘We always try and top ourselves with each album’. The answer is... The Backstreet Boys. Sadly they have yet to succeed.

But they’re getting back into the studio for their ninth album, saying, ‘We always try to stay ahead of the curve’.

Surely if you’re always ahead of the curve, eventually you’ll come full circle? They’ve also announced a European tour with New Kids On The Block.

Meanwhile, Steven Tyler from Aerosmith is still saying that his nasty fall and facial injuries in a hotel bathroom in Paraguay had nothing to do with alcohol. I’m not so sure but I reckon in the entire history of rock this has got to be a first. For years, rock stars have traditionally trashed hotel rooms. But this must be the first time a hotel room has trashed a rock star.

Alice Cooper would like to erect a statue in honour of the chicken which he accidentally killed on stage. The singer and his theatrical shock rock band hit the headlines in 1969 when their audience at a show in Canada tore the live bird to pieces, and Alice feels proper tribute should be paid to the animal, whose bloodied body was thrown back at the group.

Florence and the Machine have teamed up with Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld for a special edition vinyl of their recent single Shake It Out, with only 500 copies being commissioned for press. Each vinyl case has been screen printed, silver foiled and hand numbered on white card and includes a collection of Lagerfeld-shot photographic portraits.

Guy Garvey, frontman of Elbow, is struggling to sleep after his home was targeted by a thief. The rocker ordered workmen to fit new locks and improve the alarm system at his home after the raid earlier this year, when a crook reached through the letterbox and stole items from a nearby table.

Bono’s friends trashed his car to make him ‘lighten up’ because they thought the he had become ‘too serious’ when the group first got famous.

The U2 frontman said: ‘I remember one night at home in Dublin, my father woke me up and said, “There’s someone trying to steal your car”. He had an iron bar in his hand. I looked out the window... I had this tiny little Fiat Bambino. They’d wrapped the entire car in toilet roll and were smashing eggs on it.

‘I didn’t see it at the time but it was my mates saying, “You need to lighten up”.’

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