Bad roads and bad drivers don’t exactly help cyclists

COMMENT: The return of good weather shouldn’t bring dread

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The cricket’s finished and Wimbledon’s done with for another year – so what sport can I take up now?

Cycling! It’s the Tour de France and , fully inspired, I’ve started cycling to work again. I still carry the scars from last year’s falls, but with stabilisers on I’ve been setting new personal bests.

It’s a shame cycling isn’t as popular in the UK. I put that down to the bad roads. Already three fillings have been shaken out.

You can also blame van and lorry drivers. Being in such a hurry, they don’t have a lot of time to respect cyclists.

But as Messrs Wiggins and Cavendish set the racing pace, I can see UK interest growing. If only the Tour would come to Portsmouth as it did in 1994.