Bald heads roll into one for him

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Trying to reason with a toddler is almost impossible.

In fairness, Jack gets a stack of mixed messages, so it must be hard for him to tell right from wrong.

At the moment he’s going through a slapping stage.

I don’t know where he’s learned it from but he particularly enjoys hi-fiving all-in-one bald heads.

Of course, when he slaps me on the spam, onlookers erupt into laughter in the way they would laugh at a Benny Hill sketch.

I’m glad he’s learnt some comedy skills at such a young age.

After all, who doesn’t want to see an over-sized man cowering from a baby?

Sadly the fun ends when he starts using his podgy little mitt to slap other people around the face.

There’s a time and a place for rough and tumble but 18-month-old toddlers aren’t particularly good at differentiating between their father and elderly gents out walking their dogs.