Band used to be mine, but now I’m happy to share

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I wasn’t sure I was ready to share Coldplay with 60,000 other people over the Diamond Jubilee weekend.

I’m sure all of us have a favourite group or artist. We feel they belong to us and no-one else. They are our little discovery.

Well sadly for me, that band happens to have become the biggest in the world!

As soon as I heard Coldplay’s first single, Yellow, back in 2000, I bought the debut album Parachutes. This is still my favourite.

I’d bang on to all my friends about this album. At the time, no-one had heard of them.

I felt like they were mine. I was among a few that had heard their material. I felt like a music afficionado!

The great albums kept coming, the band got bigger and the lead singer married a Hollywood actress.

Damn, this wasn’t going to plan. I was now going to have to share them with millions of others.

But I still think they’re brilliant. Firstly I love their music. Chris Martin’s unique vocals, the stunning piano mixed with electric guitar and the powerful drums. It’s a mixture of ballad and rock, with beautiful harmonies and melodies.

Their music has also reflected the past 12 years of my life. Each album signifies a certain period, with its ups and downs.

Those songs have been with me through thick and thin. I’ve enjoyed them mostly on my own, in the car. Long drives to the south of France, listening closely to every song, escaping to a different place with each track.

So you can see, when I was confronted with 60,000 other adoring fans at Arsenal’s Emirates stadium last Saturday, it felt like intrusion!

But what a show. These songs are meant to be shared. Singing in unison to the big hits like Fix You and Paradise was moving. Meanwhile classy album tracks like Warning Sign brought a lump to my throat.

Everyone received a wristband on entry. These contained different coloured LED lights, which were controlled by the band during the concert.

As we rocked, 60,000 pink, yellow and blue lights lit up and flashed. Breathtaking.

I’ve found out it’s good to share.