Banksy’s works should be for everyone – where he put them

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It’s a little-known Emma fact that I once used a piece of art to go to the toilet.

In fact, it was a toilet.

I went to university in Bristol, and it’s fair to say I became fairly acquainted with the city’s pubs.

One of them happened to have a bit of graffiti on the inside lid... and the next time I saw it, it was featured in a book of Banksy artwork.

I’m pretty sure I served him in my local pub a couple of times, and I still enjoy seeing Banksy art pop up on walls around the world.

Last week a Boys Club organiser got a bit of flak for removing one of the pieces of art from outside the organisation’s hut, saying its sale could save the club from closure.

A noble cause, perhaps, but surely any Banksy should be for everyone to enjoy?