Be happy, but get out of your comfort zone

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We live in a culture which is incredibly comfortable. The ideologies we understand and the appropriate actions we take in order to live are pretty much the same for all.

However, I do recognise the importance of change and why we as a young generation should be open-minded in implementing new things.

This world is incredibly dynamic. With conflicts arising all across the globe, the face of politics forever changing and a growing population, surely you can argue we are seeing enough developments?

Although what we do witness conforms to the regular routine in which we live.

In Britain we need to solidify our optimism for change; through this we can learn greater things.

If we restrict ourselves to the way we currently live our lives then we will see multiple limitations.

This generation of young people needs to be more revolutionary and not reserved.

We find more people aspiring to be like others and not unique to themselves.

The media-driven culture we live in has triggered false aspirations in millions of lives and as a result of this people are content in being similar to each other.

The world is full of amazing opportunity and it is imperative everyone does all they can to introduce fresh ideas.

We must no longer live in a world where we fear fresh ideas and radical decisions.

I am not suggesting we should embrace it all,but it is vital to challenge rather than simply ignore.

Every generation requires people who are instrumental in the way our society operates.

We aren’t achieving much by taking a backseat and just accepting what we see.

Young people need to be motivated and enthused to step up to the challenge of speaking for themselves and others.

Confrontation is not something everyone is comfortable doing. Nevertheless it is one thing everyone will be required to do at some point in their lives.

Imagine if you were given a power which enabled you to influence others. It is unlikely many would ignore that power; they would either use it sensibly or abuse it.

Everyone has the power to make their mark and encourage change. But how is it you will implement that difference ensuring people are in full support of all you do?

Be happy in all you do, but remember it is healthy to be out of your comfort zone. Our culture may be comfortable in the way it operates but are you prepared to make a change?