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Volunteering is something we all know can make a difference.

For the person doing it, it can be fulfilling.

And for those people and organisations that benefit, it shows real human kindness.

But again, as we all know, it’s not always that easy to do.

In busy lives, finding time to volunteer can often be difficult, if not impossible.

That’s why through this column today, we applaud the work of Kathy Chaulke.

She has just retired from her voluntary work at the Barnardo’s shop in Lee-on-the-Solent.

Kathy, who is in her 80s, has selflessly given endless hours to the High Street shop since 1998.

As our picture on page 17 shows, she was honoured with a bunch of flowers and a special flute from Barnardo’s but we feel she deserves more.

Kathy serves as an example to all of us who think about volunteering before getting back on with our full lives.

People should read her story and take a moment to think.

Could you help out at a charity shop?

Could you lend a hand to another local organisation?

Today could be the day that you could go out there and get involved.

And as Kathy says, it’s about more that the actual volunteering itself.

It’s about interacting with people and even trying to get them involved.

She says ‘I’m always asking people “are you doing anything,” then “would you like to become a volunteer?”’.

So well done Kathy and thanks. Your hard work is appreciated and an example to all of us.

Kathy’s now looking forward to having a little more time to tackle a lifetime’s photo collection.

No mean feat, so we wish her well in her new challenge.