Be more spiritual in year seven

It’s important the parade continues – but safely

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Some think the number seven is a lucky number, others think seven has a magical vibration.

Ooh and we love our vibrations darling.

Others think that numbers having meanings is just a load of old crystal balls.

Well I’m a numerologist who studies , writes , and broadcasts numerology (live phone-ins on Wave 105 2009/11 with Andy Jackson – brave man!).

2014 in numerology is year seven (2+1+4=7 ), in a nine-year cycle.

So in year seven (just a bit of fun), we need to have more spiritual than material expectations. Take time to look inwards to how you will fulfil your path in life.

It’s a good time to renovate or change work, home or even relationships.

Take time away from the cacophony of life.

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